(07/13/2004. Geffen Records)
#103. Star/ Pointro
#104. I Don't Care 
feat DOM
#105. Don't Say Nuthin'
#106. Guns Are Drawn 
feat Aaron Livingston
#107. Stay Cool feat Martin Luther
#108. Web
#109. Boom! feat Dice Raw 

#110. Somebody's Gotta Do It 
feat Jean Grae & Mack Dub
#111. Duck Down! DOM (vocal)
#112. Why (what's Going On?)
(*) The Mic feat SKILLZ, Truck North & Dave Chapelle.
(*) Melting Pot (Vinyl Only)
 #113. Din Da Da

Vocals: Tariq 'Black Thought' Trotter.
Drums: Ahmir '?ueslove' Thompson.
Bass (Accoustic):Leonard 'Hub' Hubbard & Adam Blackstone.
Keys: Piano & Rhodes: Kamal.
Percussion: Knuckles.
Horns: Kevin Hanson.
Guitar: Anthony Tidd, Kirk Douglass, Martin Luther.

Executive Produced: by Richard Nichols

Distribution: by MCA

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